It's time to reinvent management. You can help.
First, a brief introduction. If you've heard the terms "Agile" or "Lean", I want you to put any preconceived ideas aside (and if you haven't, read on).
Hack by Evan Leybourn on October 17, 2013
With the "internet of things" nearly every business is getting into software development. Knowledge of how to create quality software in shorter time frames is a competitive advantage.
Hack by Larry Apke on October 2, 2014
The trend has been for recently to consider H.R. as a set of high value specialties.That is technically true and carrying risks as far as efficiency is concerned.
Hack by Frederic J.Leconte on July 17, 2013
As long as HR will consider the job is to design the "ultimate fine-tuned stabilized Org Chart",  establish cristal clear scopes, and seek and call for stability, eliminating noise and flashes of
Hack by Frederic J.Leconte on July 17, 2013
We have structured elaborate change management plans and programs, housed in HR that have, in effect, taken away the responsibility of managing from the line managers.
Hack by john sigmon on November 2, 2014